3 thoughts on “Men and Women are Different

  1. I find your statement “…talking takes precedence over actual competence.” to be so true. I’ve seen it so many times even recently. Do you think that is evidence of the “good ole boy network” or why do you suppose that is the case?

    1. While this could be taken as evidence of the “good ole boy network” I wonder if it is more likely due to the cultural signals and signs we’re taught to recognize within our own ‘tribe.’
      We woman do the same thing – we often intuitively recognise that reticence or timidity is NOT reflective of competence, and we will empathise, encourage, and cajole a woman into doing something which reveals that competence. It is often a friend or close colleague who has more faith in the other woman’s competence than she has in herself.
      Culturally, women collaborate, and men compete.
      A generalisation, I know, but not too broad a brush, I think. What may be mistaken for a “network” is actually a masculine version of what we women do, based, however, on competition rather than collaboration. A man is challenged to step up, rather than cajoled.
      I’m still thinking this through – I might change my mind or modify my opinion in the future. 🙂

  2. I’ve stopped thinking about competence. Survival is more important. I once met Germaine Greer, the undisputed queen of hardball and my bowels liquefied instantly. But, she’s a bit special, isn’t she? Dear God, I hope so.

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