Breaking the Rules

Listen to your body instead of the almighty rule book… ~ Lonni Lattie

Recently, I read a great article in Runner’s World called “Fluid Facts” (August 2013) about the myths we believe about drinking water, and this morning, read this blog by Lonni Lattie on eating breakfast.

I am continually astounded by the degree of rule-keeping with which we restrict our lives (myself included) and the degree to which those rules are unnecessary, idiotic, mythological, wrong, or just plain dangerous. Yet we keep them, mindlessly conforming to “norms” imposed on us through our family, society, and our own interpretation of life’s experiences.

This blog happens to be about the rules we unconsciously follow about food and eating. What about when we have a framework of rules around relationships… work… self… that we’ve never examined or held up to the light of the reality?

At the beginning of my own journey to optimum health I was lamenting to Bill about struggling with leaving uneaten food on my plate – I was full and needed to stop but my internal response was causing me discomfort. In the past, I would have caved to the emotional pressure and cleaned off the plate. My very wise husband said, “Why don’t you just plan to break all your rules about food?”

! {Quite possibly the world would implode}

Having worked very hard over the past 16 months to regain a healthy sense of self I’ve had occasion to look closely at the internal “laws” which have governed my whole life. This has led me to consider how rules I didn’t even know I was keeping have shaped my health, my relationships, my work life, and my personal development. If the same thing happens with these rules as happens with the rules I keep about food, eating and my health, it’s no wonder I often struggle to function effectively in my own life!

Could you write out your rules about food? Relationship? Life? If you did, what kind of a house would those rules build? Is it a home you’d actually choose to live in?


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5 Comments on “Breaking the Rules

  1. Loved this, thanks. Ticked ALL my boxes! Reblogged on TradeRoutz livingStyle. Thanks for sharing x

  2. What a wonderful example of mindfulness and breaking free of perceived requirements of nutrition! Thank you for the wonderful reference and I wish you all the best.
    In health,

    • Great writing is always worth quoting and I’m happy I came across your blog post on the way to somewhere else. Love the serendipity of random finds. 🙂

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