Object Lesson from a Millennial|Reblog

“Before we get started, does anyone need to check their email?” ~Anders Brekhus Nilsen

I’ve already posted a few of Liz Ryan’s blogs, and I’m going to add another one. How To Quit Like A Boss. This whole series by Liz is excellent.

I’ll let you watch the YouTube video and read Liz Ryan’s post yourself, but just so we’re clear, I think Joey DeFrancesco rocks. He worked at that hotel for 3 1/2 years before he got fed up enough to quit. Given the dismal employee relations record at that particular establishment, I also think that choosing to announce his departure with a brass band is the least he might have done. As is typical of Millennials, he went out with a bang and moved on (in this case, becoming a worldwide bellwether for others needing that little bit of extra courage to quit). How cool is that?

The stuffy corporate world is having difficulty getting it together with regard to Millennials… in  my opinion, this is becoming a major issue in attracting, recruiting, and keeping new talent and encouraging innovation for many established corporate brands. The problem is only going to get worse. The generations immediately after the war had an ethos about them that worked well with the generally authoritarian or top-down management style. This is no longer true and the longer it takes the C-suite dudes and dudettes to figure out that the “…they [employees] trade their labour for money…” mantra doesn’t work anymore, the harder it will be to find and keep the talent needed to continue to be successful businesses or brands.

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