Leave Your Phone Behind | LinkedIn

Leave Your Phone Behind | LinkedIn.

Leave Your Phone Behind | LinkedIn

The advent of 24/7 digital connectedness has a cost. Whether digital native or immigrant, many people have evolved to the point where a smart device is ubiquitous to living – from the bathroom (1 in 6 college phones test positive for fecal bacteria!) to the opera (nothing like “Bad to the Bone” interrupting Mozart‘s “Spring”) to funerals (Of course you need to answer your phone in the middle of the eulogy) – and the result is a measurable rise in anxiety and stress-related disorders.

It’s worthwhile selfcare to spend a little time every day unplugged, and even more beneficial to make a weekly date with yourself to spend several hours unplugged, either with yourself or with friends, similarly unplugged. Be in the moment, presently connected to your immediate environment. At first, it might feel as if you’re waiting for something, or you’ll have a sense of missing stuff, but the truth is, you’re not and you won’t. You will, however, allow your mental supervisor a break, and learn to enjoy the relaxation of being in-the-moment… and nowhere else.

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