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Human Voice Resumes

liz_teal200sdLiz Ryan is funny, irreverent, and quite willing to poke holes in corporate stuffiness. Her other stuff is great, too.

I am required to read resumes and CVs on a regular basis and I read approximately 4.38 lines of each new offering. If it doesn’t say something other than, “Seeking a position in which to maximise my experience, opportunity for growth, and blah, blah, blaaaaa….” I hit >delete< with a totally guilt-free finger.

It would be very cool to receive a resume/CV from a potential intern in the form of a Prezi, a Human-Voice Resume, or a YouTube video. I’d likely be enticed to watch/hear the whole thing.

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Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg is a Canadian mental health professional with a passion for travel. Bossy from birth, compassionate by choice, and funny by accident, She writes about anything that catches her attention. All opinions are her own, as is the writing, unless credited otherwise. Stay tuned.

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