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Reblog – A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings | LinkedIn.

Love Dilbert. Would hate his job.
Love Dilbert. Would hate his job.

Two things really, really bother me about most of the meetings I am required to attend in the course of my professional life.

#1 The artist formerly known as The Presenter (ref. the reblog 🙂 ) simply reads the ubiquitous Powerpoint/Keynote. I CAN READ FOR MYSELF. I’ve been able to read since kindergarten, if not before. Argh!!!! What a waste of my time. If my phone hasn’t been banned from the meeting, I check my email. Or play Boggle.

#2 Rarely are comprehensive notes from the meeting distributed to ALL attendees afterwards and so there’s a mini-powwow (or three) or a flurry of emails after The Meeting to clarify who said what about which point and what actions need to be taken.

Lately, Someone with Power has changed the format of a meeting I attend (voluntarily) every week. Essentially, a variation of the process outlined in the reblog has been implemented, and this has revitalized the meeting. Mostly. There’s been sturdy (underground) resistance from the artist formerly known as The Presenter, so I’m interested to see what happens.

(Hilarious rant about corporate meetings from http://www.kamikazee.girl.com)

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