Reblog | Updates to psychiatry’s guidebook – The Washington Post

Updates to psychiatry’s guidebook change criteria for ADHD, autism – The Washington Post.

English: Medicine "Strattera" (eg. u...
Strattera – used to treat ADD/ADHD .(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pathologizing of normal life experiences is not of benefit to the individual. It does, however, create huge revenue streams for pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, and others with their fingers in the medical treatment pie.

I will wait to see the actual volume myself, but I’m seriously considering a move to the ICD10 – an option I have that is not available to those who practice under the umbrella of American psychiatry or psychology.

In the end, it is the individuals and families struggling with mental health issues and trying to access appropriate services who will (continue to) suffer if the APA has gotten it horribly wrong.


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